Jakob Høgsbro

Sound, energy, detail, holism, interaction and mediation describes my universe. Or, in short: Music.
I am dedicated to drawing the best out of people. Giving people the experience that they suddenly can achieve more than they previously would believe was possible, is one of the best experiences for me.
The method is to listen. Either as audience or participant. As singer or instrumentalist. As amateur or professional.
The exciting element for me is versatility: As a conductor, saxophonist, composer, facilitator and team-builder, it is a fun juggling act. My trademark is the integration of energy, dedication and commitment into any musical task, in order to produce a beautiful, exciting, structured and musical result.

"Musical team-building of world-class standard, and a role model in dedication."
Klaus Lund, CEO. Consultancy company Stig Jørgensen & Partner A/S.
".. as a true grandmaster of monster-events Jakob Høgsbro has guided us all through a unique project, as only Jakob Høgsbro can."
Peter Westh, Head of Fredensborg Music School.